Sharing a passion with the future generation…..

Mayhem Theatre Arts is the realisation of a dream for Directors Nicole May and Alexander Purves. Back in 2006 they began the planning to open a multi-purpose studio building that would act as a focal point for all Arts activities in East Herts. The idea was  not only to provide performance classes for all ages on an after school basis, but also to be open all day for the whole community to come along and engage in a wide range of activities. Nicole, a professional dancer ,and Alexander, a professional actor were determined to make the dream a reality.

Fast forward 8 years and Mayhem now teaches over 360 children and adults on a weekly basis, provides a meeting space for 23 different day time clubs, has produced over 30 theatrical productions seen by 12,000 people and delivers workshops and events in local schools and throughout the community.

Mayhem has been very fortunate to have a dedicated and talented teaching team for the past 8 years which lies at the heart of everything we do.

Come along to Mayhem and become a part of the next piece of History we create!

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