Where do the activities take place?

All our courses will run from our fantastic studio facilities situated right in the heart of Hoddesdon Town Centre. The ‘Barn’ offers both secure indoor and outdoor facilities .

What is the age range?

The Activity Clubs are for ages 5-12yrs. We do have a couple of half day courses suitable for 4yrs + and this summer we will be introducing out ‘Rainbow’ Pass which is for children 4-5yrs to attend small courses from 9.00am-12.15pm Monday-Friday.

How long is each day?

The courses run from 9.00am-3.30pm, and 9.15am-12.15pm for the 4- 5years olds  during the Summer only.

Our ‘Creating Mayhem Summer School’ will run from 9.15-4.00pm for the slightly older students

Is there an option of a late club?

Late club is available for 5yr + from 3.30pm-5pm for an additional £5 per day. This must be booked at least 24 hours in advanced. If you have already booked and paid for a day course but would like to then add on the late club additionally, please call 01992 465100.

Can I drop off late or pick up early?

Yes. Please notify staff when booking or when dropping off.

What does my child need to bring?

Children need to bring a packed lunch with enough food and drink to last the day. There are vending machines available for additional purchases.

What should my child wear?

We suggest children wear clothing that you don’t mind getting messy! Please do not wear sandals or other open toed/slip on shoes. Trainers or plimsoles are ideal footwear. For our special one day courses we encourage children to dress up in an  outfit appropriate to the course theme.

Can siblings be kept together throughout the day?

Whilst we are more than happy to keep siblings together we often group the children into age appropriate activity groups to ensure each child is having the most amount of fun and working at an appropriate level. If siblings would prefer to stay together this can be arranged providing the activity is suitable for all ages.

What is the staff ratio?

We work on a ration of one activity course leader to every 8 children. In addition to this we have ‘activity helpers’ to assist throughout the day.

Is there a qualified first aider on site?

Yes. Each day there is a qualified first aider present.

My child needs medicine administered throughout the day. Can you help with this?

Staff are always happy to help with this. Please hand all medication  to a member of staff when dropping off.  Clearly label all items and place with a letter detailing all instructions and a brief note giving your consent for our staff to help administer this.

Are staff DBS checked and do you have insurance?

All the Mayhem activity staff have a full DBS check. Mayhem has full public and employers liability up to £10,000,000.00

How am I contacted in an emergency?

At time of booking we ask that you provide a minimum of two contact numbers. If an event arises where a child needs medical attention the emergency services will be contacted first and then the parent/guardian.

What is the policy on Sun cream?

On days where the weather is going to be hot we ask that parents apply necessary sun cream before dropping off. If you would like sun cream re-applied throughout the day please provide this in your child’s bag with a letter on consent. We operate a policy where staff are asked to help children apply sun cream if necessary. Please state at time of booking if you do not wish staff to help with this.

Do I have to pay in advance?

All booking must be paid for in advance.  Should you need to make an early morning booking for the same day every effort will be made to accommodate this. If trying to book before 8.00am please email info@mayhemtheatrearts.co.uk for a quicker response.

Do you credit for absences?

Unfortunately as staffing and activities are booked in advance we are unable to credit for absences.



Includes: 5 Weeks Summer Activity Club + 1 Themed Day for a Discounted Price!


Includes: 1 Week May Half Term Activity Club + 5 Weeks Summer Activity Club + 1 Themed Day for a Discounted Price!

GOLD PACKAGE – £350.00

Includes:  2 weeks Easter Activity Club + 1 Week May Half Term Activity Club + 5.5 Weeks in the Summer (8.5 weeks in total) + 1 Free Themed Day + any additional 1 Day Themed courses for a discounted price.

RAINBOW CLUB – £10 per day

Summer Activity Club For 4-5 Year Olds


Please Note These Packages only include the standard activity club times (9am-3.30pm).           If you wish to add on the late club, there will be the usual £5 additional charge. These packages can only be sold as full packages and cannot be broken down, so please make sure you contact us and get booked in prior to the start date of the activity club.

Gold Package Must Be Booked by The First Day of The Easter Activity Club. – Now unavailable 

Silver Package Must Be Booked by The First Day of The May Half Term Activity Club.

Bronze Package Must Be Booked by The First Day of The Summer Holiday Activity Club.




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