Improvisation at Mayhem

Improvisation classes at Mayhem for all budding actors

Improvisation acting classes at Mayhem

Sometimes there is nothing better than throwing away that script and letting your imagination do all the work, and that is exactly what the improvisation classes are designed to do.  For some, the thought of making it up on the spot is daunting and terrifying, however the improvisation classes allow for complete creativity and freedom and once the nerves disappear the only limits are your own imagination.

Younger students are taught how to use and improvise the world of make believe, objects, thoughts feeling etc. They are given the opportunity to dream up crazy stories and perform them to each other, all the time developing the mind and learning to work with others as part of a team,

Older students learn how to use improvisation,  not just as a way to have fun, but also as a powerful rehearsal tool. Students are taught how improvisation can be used to explore character, emotion, subject, sub-text, history etc. all vital components when creating a character and rehearsing for a scripted play.

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• December 17, 2014

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