Monday 6th July – Chart Blast! 30min Workout 9.45am


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In order to take part in these online lessons, you agree to the following:

  1. (if under 18) Your child will not be left unsupervised at any point in the session.
  2. You are able to provide at least 6ftof clear, flat floor space for the student’s/your use. Where no furniture, slip and/or trip hazards can be found.
  3. You ensure the you/student is wearing appropriate uniform and footwear for online classes.
  4. You fully understand that as Mayhem Theatre Arts are not providing these services in person, we are unable to provide any first aid or safeguarding services.
  5. You understand that Mayhem Theatre Arts are in no way affiliated with the video conferencing software, and are not responsible for any changes, data loss or software malfunction as a result of using the equipment. You also agree to their separate terms of use.
  6. You will not hold Mayhem Theatre Arts responsible for any injury sustained as part of these classes and will encourage your child to stop participating if uncomfortable, tired, sick or otherwise incapacitated.
  7. If you pay for this class but do not attend, classes cannot be carried forward.